Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention: Using Creativity To Get Out of Debt- This is for the creative, women who desires to become an entrepreneur to finally obtain financial freedom for herself and family. Click to read more about!

I have taken an unannounced break from writing content about getting out of debt. Not because I don't see the importance. I spent the last weeks building content around "Brand your space" workshop. The workshop has been an amazing journey of helping women take the next step to getting out of debt, generating income. I have been teaching the steps it takes to really go after your dreams, with practical steps and a website to match. There are so many moving pieces to starting a business, but that doesn't mean it is impossible for you. You have to get a system in place, and build a solid foundation to start with.

When you decide that getting out of debt is a necessity, your creative juices will start to flow. Things will appear different than they did before.



For instance summer is upon us, so instead of taking that annual beach trip to Myrtle Beach (where you spend close to $1500 dollars the whole weekend, you take the family to the local water park. You pack everyone's favorite snacks and pay for ice cream at the park! At the end of the day it is about the memories, not the price tag. You can very easily create lasting memories with family and friends without a high price tag!

That is the way your mindset will shift when you making getting out of debt a priority!



Which is why I wanted to share this post about using creativity to get yourself out of debt. There are so many women who are getting paid to do things you would never imagine. But they are the same talents living within you. If you are a neat freak and love to organize things around the house, there is job for that. You can make a whole blog on just that topic alone. There are so many others who lack those skills of simply organizing their space, they would welcome the help!

I wanted to share a few of the jobs that stand out to inspire you to find your talent and how you can turn that into a job!

Alisha Johns for LISH creative,  creates social media images for big brands. She gets paid to play with and create beautiful photography. She can travel and still capture her colorful, eye catching images. She gets paid to be creative! What an amazing job, and she seems pretty amazing herself! 

Dominique of Sochevon has taken her job of a makeup artist to the next level. Instead of just being a freelance makeup artist, she is transitioning to teaching other makeup artist how to start their craft. She left her full time 9 to 5, take a chance on her dreams as a makeup artist. Thus far she has been rewarded greatly!

Then last but not least I have created an extra stream of income for my family by teaching other women to get out of debt and finding ways to bring in extra money with talents they already posses.


Sometimes you have to peel back your layers and find what's hiding. Then ask yourself what can I do with this? And what do I really want MY life to look like?

So what talent, gift, or purpose do you have that will allow you to build financial independence?