Ever wonder how to get beauty products for less. Join this week's beauty series where you will learn where to get the coupons + how to apply the products you purchase! Click to read and get the resources

This week I am teaming up with my biz friend Dominique Doyle ( who is a celebrity makeup artist to bring you a series on Couponing For Beauty. The series will take place Thursday and Friday April 14th and 15th. You will receive a video on how to get the coupons from CVS (which is my favorite place to coupon) + how to apply to make up from Dominique who is a celebrity makeup artist. 


Couponing saved my family at least $3600 last year in household, makeup, and food products.I know it can seem overwhelming. We put this series together to make sure you start couponing with ease. For one, you will go in with an item and plan for what to purchase and secondly you will know how to use what you bought. Sometimes when people coupon they start to waste things, and just buy what is on sale. We are going to help you avoid that! 



What questions do you have about couponing or applying your makeup? Let me know down below. I will be sure to your address your questions!