Imagine that you go the park on a nice sunny day to relax. You find an empty bench and start to sit down and read. Once you have been there a few moments, a stranger approaches. The person takes a sit at the bench. Then all of a sudden they start to get closer and closer to you. To the point they are now touching you. What would most people do in that moment? You would get up and move. Why would you move? Because that is totally uncomfortable!

So that leads me to ask you, are you too comfortable with your debt. Why are you not getting up and moving away from it? Here are 3 reasons that show that you may just be a little to comfortable.




One of the main issue we have, is the disease to please. We want to please those around us, and even please our self. We find it hard to say no. Once you made the decision to change your finances, it means changing your whole daily system. You have to be willing to say no to the things that don't fit in your budget. If every Thursday and Friday you went out with the girls for drinks, it won't fit into your new budget. Don't worry about how your friends will feel. Because at the end of the day, if you get in financial crisis your friend won't be able to get you out.  Make a budget a few days before the new month starts. Use the budget as a guideline for what activities you can afford for the month. If drinks with your girls is important to you, try setting a time to do it once month (if you can afford it). Or find cost effective activities, like drinks made at a friend's house. 



As the old saying goes, "broke people ask how much per month. While rich people ask how much?" So this gets to the heart of the issue. You can't believe living paycheck to paycheck and just making monthly payments on things is a way of life. If you accept this thought process  as just the way it is, that is exactly what it will be. You won't make any strides to change your current situation. If your subconscious doesn't believe you or anyone else lives outside of paycheck to paycheck, you will manifest that thought in your actions. You will not move from that cycle. In your heart of hearts you don't see the way out.  You have to build a new story. The new story is that, you can come out of massive debt. It is a choice to stay in debt. Start building the new story and your actions will follow.



If we think something it too hard or uncomfortable, we just accept what is. That is how we look at our debt. It would be uncomfortable to tell someone you can't go to dinner with them because you are on a budget. Or it would be uncomfortable to rack leaves from someone's yard for $20. But, these are the very things it will take to get you out of debt.  It would be too uncomfortable to do those things so we take the comfortable of our debt instead. 

We are talking a few years of sacrifice for financial freedom. The reverse is happening right now. You are trying to be comfortable instead of abundant. You will have up your work level. It doesn't always mean more hours of work, but smarter worker. How can you use the talents and purpose already given to you to make money and payoff debt? 

Use a little discomfort to get you out of debt. Once you become committed to the goal of debt freedom, things will ease up. You will get your flow.  Then paying off debt and budgeting will become natural to you. You just need to start with a system. That is exactly what I am teaching live this Sunday for free! >>>sign up here to attend live<<. So see you there, let's get a little uncomfortable together!