So if you are anything like me you have one kid, maybe two, or maybe three. We always hear as parents, we should continue to date our spouse. And also, spend time without the kids to keep the parent situation going. All that is fine and good. But let's be real, when you have financial goals going on, fancy meals aren't part of the plan. I going to share what amped up date night to a whole new level (hint: it includes budgeting)

As working women and parents, we always hear that we should have a date night. But what about the funds to go on date night. As a family we buckled down on our spending, so for a while we removed date night. I want to share what took date night to a whole new level. Plus a free guide on activities to save money and date your spouse! click to read.



I have shared my story about my family paying off $40k of debt in 12 months, so that was no easy feat. When we first started on the journey we cut out all the extra. Not only were we not going out to eat, we even downsized the amount we spent on groceries.  As we got our feet wet in the journey, we started to slow add things back in our budget here and there. Nothing drastic. There very first thing we added was a nice steak dinner into the grocery budget. This a situation where the kids are off to bed, and you have a nice dinner at the house. 

So the one thing I didn't anticipate is how much the journey of getting out of debt would upgrade date night. When you are pounding the pavement so hard to save and pay off debt, you can start to feel like you are missing out. The first time we had the nice steak dinner in the house, it was like we hit the lottery. We had a quiet house, and a steak cooked to perfection (and I'm not saying that because i made it, haha.) The real treated was knowing how much we were accomplishing financially, but we were still able to afford a nice meal. You have to reward yourself during the journey of getting out of debt. 


Then the ultimate great thing happened when we were able to go out to eat for date night. WE REALLY ENJOYED IT. Because it wasn't the norm anymore. We were able to relish in the moment and have something that seems special. Not your "typical" date night!

The more and more I examined what was special, was the fact that my husband and I were on the same page throughout the journey. Getting our finances in order, not only helped our finances, it helped our marriage.

When you can get on board with your partner for a goal, and both parties do their part to make it happen, you are unstoppable together. It opened up communication between us, and just made the family a unit. We are together in this common goal, and each person contributes to the overall well being. It is an amazing experience. I never imagined that getting out of debt would have such a profound effect on my marriage and family. I want the same for your family! 

Can you share with us some ways you are able to date on a budget?