Join Brittany Butler as she shares the EXACT system she used to pay off $40k of debt in 12 months, on one income with 5 people household. It is time for you to get serious about your money. You have to end the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck now! Go to to sign up for the FREE live event!

You guys I am excited to announce a FREE webinar I am hosting Tuesday March 1st 8PM EST & Sunday March 6th 2PM EST.

I wanted to put something together to show the EXACT system I used to pay off $40k of debt in 12 months. I started the journey to getting out of debt May 2014 when I was just fed up with coming up short at the end of every month. My family and I are now trending to pay off $90k of debt when we hit the 2 year mark May 2016! So this information is no joke. 

Everyone has the opportunity to live debt free! You don't have to be in the cycle of paycheck to paycheck. Let's start building some wealth we can pass on to the generations that follow, and we can enjoy while we have our time!

I will lay out :

  • How to structure a budget that you can stick with
  • What is missing from most budgets
  • A way to track your spending that is easy and beneficial to your household
  • Make a debt repayment plan you can start using immediately

I will have a 24 hour replay for each day of the webinar. After the webinar has made its rounds I won't be offering it for free! So you want to catch it now while you still can!

See You There!