Day 9 is all about show the change with your financial habits.

Day 9 is all about showing the change in your financial. Missbfab.com is hosting a spending detox for the month of January. Join us and starting changing your spending habits. Click the link bit.ly/fabspendcut

Today's email included: My favorite drink the white chocolate mocha is $5.25 for a tall! That adds up quickly after a few days a week. I had to swap that out for k-cups, and k-cups on sale for that matter! I refuse to pay $8-10 for a box of k-cups. You can make small changes that add up to big things. My website cost me $10 every month to host. That's 2 drinks from Starbucks. Instead of those drinks I can put that $10 to something that will help me in the long run!

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See you tomorrow, Day 10 is all about your point of view, literally! (simple enough?)