Day 6 was all about saving! Take a moment to find the savings all around you!

Day six of the spending detox was all about saving. I used an example of a recent purchased at Forever 21 where I received 50% off a sweater with no coupon! Take a little time to find savings, it is worth it! Be sure to click the link bit.ly/fabspendcut to sign up for the spending detox and receive a daily email!

The email went something like this today:

You know those people we use to think were so ridiculous because they wanted a hook up on everything? I am now one of those ridiculous people! I want to find a way to save on whatever I can: travel, food, or even car insurance.

The photo of the day:

I love when fashion and frugal go hand and hand. I scored this awesome sweater for 6.99 at Forever21 the other day. Pop over to http://missbfab.com to learn more about the frugal and fabulous lifestyle!

Make sure to hop over to Instagram to get the story behind the photo! See you tomorrow for Day 7, which is all about being thankful!