Day 22 was all about indulgences!! Those sweet things that break the bank!

Day 22 was all about the sweet indulgences that eat into our bank account. When we give into indulgences it usually cost us financially. We have to break those habits and get control over our finances. Join the spending detox and learn more about that control bit.ly/fabspendcut


The email today went like this:

It is crazy the habits we create subsciously that allow us to spend so much more money. It is hard to tell yourself no. When you have that craving for a chocolate bar, you go right to the vending machine and pick that bad boy up! When I hear the word indulgence, I instantly think of food. Food has an addictive quality to it, and it is an addiction that cost money!


The photo of the day on IG:

gold shoes.jpg

See you tomorrow for Day 23, Blessings!