Day 20 was all about the person that inspires you financial (or nonfinancial). Who did you pick?

Day 20 was all about the person that inpsires you in financial ways or non financial ways. If you want to join for the last few days of the detox go to bit.ly/fabspendcut

The email today went something like this:

If you have someone that inspires you, pick through their life and decide what principles you admire most about that person. What about the person is positive that you can use to sustain your financial goals? Do you admire your mother because she is always conscious when it comes to spending? Do you love that your grandmother was always content with the things she already owned? Or do you admire Oprah for the fact that she has amassed so much wealth, but continues to give back? Even if you feel you missed a lot of money lessons growing up, it is never too late to reflect and find inspiration in those mistakes.

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See you tomorrow for Day 21, cheap fun!