Day 19 was all about letting go. You have to let go of mistakes to move forward!


Day 19 was all about letting go. What past mistakes to do you need to stop holding onto? Progess will never exist in regrets or baggage. Move forward with your finances, learn how during the spending detox go to bit.ly/fabspendcut to learn more

The email went something like this: 

I love the joureny of getting your fiances in order, becaue it makes you get so many other htings in order. You have to let of the poeple who are eating up all your money (but keep your kids). You can't be so quick to say yes! Take your time with your answer and responded with "I'll will have to think it over". And do just that! Decide what really works for you and go with your gut!


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Day 19 of the spending detox. Learn more at bit.ly/fabspendcut

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