Day 18 was all about the little things when it comes to our finances!

Day 18 of the spending detox was all about the little things that add up. What are the little things that eat at your budget, or small habits that make big messes? Join us during the spending detox and learn more at bit.ly/fabspendcut


The email for today went like this: 

So you guys already know where i'm going with the little things, right? The little things add up to the big things. Yep, you got it! When you think about your past spending you may say, I don't spend that much money". "I only get little snacks from the gas station ever so often, sometimes I stop at Starbucks (can you guys sense my obsession with Starbucks?), oh yeah and every weekend I meet up with my girlfriends for drinks. Well if you total all those items up, yo uhave easily spend $100 on things outside of necessities!

The photo of the day on Instagram:

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