Day 15 was a free day. We discussed taking your finances to the next level!

Day 15 was a free day for the spending detox. The discussion today involved taking your finances to the next level. In order to go to a newer level you will have to increase your income. To follow along on the detox sign up at bit.ly/fabspendcut

The email for today went like this:

As you sit down and take a look at your budget, some may find that you need more money coming in. Although cutting your spending is the first step, at some point you will have to up your income. The quicker you up your income, the quicker you can get out of debt.


The photo of the day on Instagram:

During the spending detox you receive a budgeting workbook on Day One. If you are ready to make a better financial path start with the detox, to sign up go to bit.ly/detoxsubscribe

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See you tomorrow for Day 16, Money is...(you fill in the blank)