Day 12 is about Happiness! What will make you happy and content? 

Day 12 is all about happiness. What are the things you want from your life in all areas. The more content and happy you rate yourself, the more likely you will spend less money. Contention is the first must have to be on a debt free journey. It is not to let the join the spending detox. Join at bit.ly/fabspendcut

The email for today went something like this:

I want you to decide what makes you happy, and start finding a way to add more of that in your life. Sometimes it may be as simple as adding a family game night once a week. Or spending your mornings with a moment of silence. Once you sit down and make a list, you may find happiness in the smallest things.


The photo of the day on Instagram:

See you tomorrow for day 13, daily routines! which is key to how you spend your money!