For the month of January missbfab.com is doing a spending detox. Here is a recap of day one.

Welcome to day one of the January spending detox. We are doing a recap on the first day. It is not to let to join the free spending cleanse. You can sign up and join at bit.ly/fabspendcut. This is about creating a better financial habit beyond January.

The email sent out today: 

In order to make it through the detox, you need to reflect. I want you to reflect on your past relationship with money. Examine things you didn't like about your choices. Also celebrate the moments you made a better choice. Both are important to examine. Don't beat up on yourself for past mistakes, just use your reflection to prompt change. After your reflection, it is important to set realistic goals based on your past spending habits.....

The photo of the day on Instagram:

Missbfab.com spending detox day one. Join at bit.ly/fabspendcut

Look out for day two tomorrow!