Just imagine for a moment if Beyonce was a blogger, even just for a day. Imagine if everything she gave us on stage, she gave us on a page? Can we say page on "FLEEK"? It would literally be the hottest blog known to man. We would all be STANS for a blog. Pretty much "Drunk In Love" over a blog. So let's play a little game "what if Beyonce was a blogger". The most obvious choice for a name is "The Beyhive"....

Paying homage to the work ethic Beyonce puts into her career. What is Beyonce was a blogger. We would expect consistent, epic blog post. Just taking a moment to think how would Beyonce a blog. Something to think about as we craft away on our love projects.


"I woke up blogging this good". She would have us thinking this every time we read "The Beyhive". "The Beyhive" on its epic game would post every hour, on the hour, for 24 hours. Then make us wait a whole 30 days for 24 more post! Each post would bang so hard, you wouldn't understand how she even came up with it all. Of course "The Beyhive" would have visuals that kill, and words that speak to girls that run the world! "The Beyhive" would have social media on lock for those 24 hours of posting, and the days that follow. She would have millions of retweets, likes, and would be the most viral blog ever!




Beyonce would speak to her audience over and over again. The famous blog language "speak to your audience" would have Beyonce's name all over it. Once every month during "The Beyhive" launch, girls around the world meet up for launch parties. You know where this is going," because we like to partyyyyyyy". Her blog would truly make us feel "Forever Young". Imagine a blog having that kind of effect?



Beyonce the blogger wouldn't play by the rules, she would create her own. She would find new, innovative ways to capture her audience. She would continually change and grow her blog with each post. Somehow always one step ahead of what everyone else is doing. "The Beyhive" would be the go to for every popular brand looking to promote themselves. They would pay her tons of money just to be a spot on her page!



I imagine if she did blog it would look something like this,,, or Fun, consistent, and epic!



If she were a blogger even just for a day, I swear she would be a better blogger. Thankfully for us, she doesn't blog! So instead, we can use her level of commitment to her craft as an example as we build our blogs. We can think every time before we hit that publish button "how would Beyonce blog?" Are we creating an experience with every post. Does every element of our blog provide an experience for our audience?

Can we all agree, we need to get on the "Beyonce Blogging Experience" ASAP?

Photo Source: Wonderfelle