Hey lovers! I wanted to share something with you that I address in a Scope (a super cool app that I want you to join now, Periscope). When I speak with people about getting out of debt, the issue of staying on the budget always comes up. They want to know what can I do to stay committed?

The Most important step to getting out of debt is belief! You have to believe in your goals to actually accomplish them. What do you need help with on your budget? Make sure to sign up for the FREE budget course


 The short answer is that making a plan is not enough. The deep answer is that you have to believe in your goal. You have to believe that you will get out of debt and there is a better story for your money. Planning out a budget is necessary to get out of debt. But if you don't believe it will actually happen, you will have a budget with no action. Faith is apart of this process too. You have to believe with out a doubt that it is possible to get out debt. Your desire to get out of debt has to be so strong. The feeling needs to be so strong it is like breathing! You have to start each and every day with this goal in mind. Make sure you know your why's for getting out of debt. Your why's + belief is the secret sauce to getting out of debt.



Daily Affirmations

Tell yourself daily how much debt you will get rid of. The exact number of debt you are in. Then tell yourself the amount you will live in abundance by ( the amount you want to make in your life time.) Set a reminder in your phone and have it sent to you everyday, morning and night. This keeps you in line with your goals on a daily. A vision board is nice, but you need to see your vision everyday until it becomes ingrained in your brain!

Start Small

Depending on the amount of debt you are in, it could be a long journey out of it. Instead of thinking of the big mountain, make it a molehill. Start small. If you have an extra $100 once you plan out your budget, immediately use that $100 towards the smallest debt you owe. Starting small, but getting a win helps you stay on your path. It is important that you just start and take action now.  Faith without works is dead. So you have to act on this commitment in someway daily. You have to form a habit when it comes to paying your debt. 

I have a free email course that teaches you the exact steps to plan out your budget. 

What one step will you do today to get yourself out of debt?