For the month of January missbfab.com will host an Instagram spending detox challenge. Everyday for 31 days I will send an Instagram photo theme of the day. I will also send out a short email daily to discuss money and our relationship with money. You can follow me on Instagram @missbfab


Missbfab.com is hosting a spending detox challenge for 31 days. Sign up at bit.ly/fabspendcut to join with others during the detox. We will post visual photos daily based on the theme of the day.

You can follow along by posting pictures to your personal Instagram page and use the hashtag #fabspendcut to share the photos among the group. (feel free to post on facebook as well, if you don't have Instagram). If you post on facebook, be sure to tag <<my page>> so that I can see the photo. I will share a few on the pictures you guys share on my page as well. I'm excited to join in on this challenge with you guys! Research shows by the second week of January we have abandoned our new year's resolution. I want us to go beyond that point, and that's why I created the challenge. We can beat the odds together! Make sure to also share the detox with friends and family, it is more fun if you have a partner you love doing the challenge with.

Make sure to sign up by clicking the button below.

Once you click the button and sign up, you will receive the daily email instructions and a workbook. The workbook will allow you to have a target spending goal throughout the detox. When January is over you can see if you hit your target goal!

Do you think you can  make it through the month long challenge? If not what are your hesitations? Share with us below