So you want to start a blog, huh? Pay up, it is going to cost you. Give me all yo' money (kidding), but on serious note it cost money to start anything. A blog biz is no exception. The goal of missbfab.com is to enusre you don't go broke trying to fund your dreams or biz. I want to share 3 tools that are cost effective, but invaluable to me running my biz and life!

If you are starting a new blog or seasoned blogger, you want to get the most out of your purchases. I share 3 cost friendly tools you can use to that save me time and money. You can also download a list of my 7 favorite cost friendly tools I use daily to run my blog biz. Click to read more!


Cost: $10

This has to be number one on the list of tools. For obvious reasons, you wouldn't be reading this without my trusty $10 payment to squarespace every month! Squarespace is a website builder.

I orginally started my site off on Wix.com. Based on some research, I decided for long term growth my site had to be on squarespace or wordpress. Wordpres and I just did not see eye to eye. The thought of making a wordpress site on my own gave me a slight migraine, so Iwent with Squarespace. And here we are! I couldn't be happier about my decision. It took probably 24 hours for me to master the interace on squarespace. After I did there was no looking back! I did pretty swell, huh?!

Squarespace for the win. One because it only cost $10 a month! That's lunch everyday!


Second, it has shorter learning curve in comparison to wordpress. Also, the themes on square space offer great flexibility and high style value.

If you are starting from the ground up, but don't want an amateur looking site, squarespace is the way to go.



Cost: Free

Let's just have a moment of silence, for free......Okay, let's get back into it. (insert smiley face emoji) Buffer saves my life everyday! I have two small children and lack the time to tweet all day, everyday. Buffer is a website that allows you to plug in and schedule your tweets. You can schedule up to 10 tweets with the free account. The app sends five tweets a day at scheduled times. So that is 2 days of tweets, 5 a day, with only 15 minutes of your time to schedule what to say! Easy, peasy. Besides, who can say no to free? 

My buffer account



Cost: Free

Guys, how did I miss the one? I had my blog up for months with no clue about Canva. Canva is an online website that allows you to edit and create social media graphics. The cool thing about cnava is that the templates for each social platform already exist for your choosing. The have the different sizes formatted for you. You can just do a drag and drop to create your own signature graphics.

The options are limitless with canva. They also offer really attention grabbing graphics, many free of charge. So don't call Canva free stuff or cheap, we will just say extremely giving!

Since we are all on the hunt for #toolsoncheap, let's us know down below what cost effective gadgets or tools you use to run your biz?

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