To have growth in your life and business you have to educate yourself. Education also gives you the boost you need to follow your dreams!


When we start on our journey into adulthood we don't always end up where we imagined. Not everyone finds their dream job or purpose right out of high school or college. We all can get stuck in a job and wonder if there is more to life. Is there a job better suited for my personality? Am I working in my purpose? I can tell you if you don't wake up several times a week excited to start working, then you may have missed, no postponed, your calling.

In order to start fostering your dreams the first thing you will have to do is figure out what is your purpose + passion. If you look at your dreams and they seem really big, don't be afraid. You need to break your dreams down in pieces with steps and a plan. When you write out the plan, there may be things on the list that you don't know how to do. That is okay. This is where the successful people find their sweet spot. When they meet a challenge, they see it as an opportunity. It is opportunity to gain a new skill or dig out a resource to get them where they need to be. This my soul friend is called education. Education bridges the gap between what you don't know but need to know. In order to start fostering your dreams you have to educate yourself to gain an edge. I promise you there is no magic gene in your body for success. Success is about the actions you repeat every day. Success is about your hunger to achieve and learn. Success is a journey. It something that you wake up and strive for every day.

How To Educate Yourself on A Busy Schedule

We don't all have the money or time to go back to school. Therefore, I want to share a tip that is helping my productivity increase tremendously, and helping me gain new skills. Being a mom or just an overall busy person, it can seem hard to find extra time to learn a new skill. So, I have made my car my own little library. While going from point A to B, I listen to motivational Youtube videos, Periscopes relevant to business, or audiobooks. Listening to YouTube is my favorite because the things you can search and find are endless. The bonus is that my kids are also listening to you see where I'm going with this! It is a win win. What goes in, is what comes out. What you take in has everything to do with your output. This a great moment to make a different choice with your time. Listen to something that will get you that much closer to what you want from life!

Imagine how much closer you can be to achieving your dreams if you start today! Using your car as a library helps you make the best use of your time and it is a free learning opportunity! So before you start jamming to that Beyonce record in the car...stop and think what would Beyonce do???? Would she listen to someone sing or would she listen to something to help her to continue to cash all those checks she is making??!! I'm sure you know that answer.


I listed a few things that are changing my life while I drive:

T.D. Jakes

Brian Tracey


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