Soooo Glad you could make it back! I want to share some tips I have picked up on my journey to debt free living: Couponing! Couponing has been one of the essential ways I have saved my household money. I have a video below if you aren't into reading this post, but if so let's get into!


Now that you are reading this blog post you are going to be aware that household items can be close to free, and sometimes even make you money! You no longer need to pay full price for diapers, tissue, paper towels, laundry care items, pasta noodles, eggs, milk, cheese.....this list could go on, but you get the point.

Also understand that apart of couponing is meal planning. 


Seriously this is the most important step to making the process easy. You want to start with an item or thing to save on. My first start was diapers. Simple enough, huh? I knew I spent a crap ton on diapers and would love to cut that cost down. There are so many deals out there, so you want to keep it small to begin with.  Try to think of items you know you spend a lot on and buy often. Just FYI is there is currently great diapers coupons on



Once you have your item in mind you need to RUN to my two favorite websites that have this thing laid out! Krazy Coupon Lady and Southern Savers. There are no words for how much time these two sites devote to finding the best deals. With that being said Step 1 is important because the site can be overwhelming. They have lots of stores and deals on their site. The deals are coming in by the hour too. So don't get stressed, you got this! They give you all the low down on free and moneymaking household deals!



Soo if you plan to get serious about saving tons of money, you need to get the Sunday paper EVERY Sunday. I know you think coupons have moved to a digital space, which is true, but the newspaper coupons still have value. Some coupons will be strictly in the paper and you will miss out on good deals if you don’t have the paper. So addition to all the great electronic coupons on the internet you will need get the paper.

I have two papers delivered to my house every Sunday, for convenience and it is cheaper than the store. has a bunch of coupons as well if you want to stick with electronic coupons.

ALWAYS date the inserts for the Sunday you received them. They correlate with Krazy Coupon Lady and Southern Savers site. I keep my coupons in this handy little coupon holder.



Of course this will vary based on where you live, but some quick guidelines: For great deals on food items you need to go to a grocery store that doubles your coupons. The grocery store offers the best deals on food, because that's all they sale. A grocery store that doubles coupons will double the face value of the coupon up to .99 cent in most stores. Some are less, but still works in your favor. So if a store has Oreo Cookies on sale for $2.00 and you have a .99 cent coupon and your store doubles it, you have a free pack of Oreo Cookies...Make sense? ( Google stores in your area that double)

CVS by far has the best deals on household items: Laundry Detergent, Tissue, Paper Towels, things of that nature. All the drug stores work pretty well for deals, but CVS is just easier to follow. Perfect place to start your coupon adventure!

I buy very few "sale" items from Walmart because they can't beat the other sales in these stores. BUT they do have good everyday low prices on items you can't find on sale at the time.

I hope that I have inspired you to start couponing for your household, and that you can start the task without anxiety. I know as busy as we are, we don't want to add another thing on our to-do list. But this is a life-changer and wallet-changer! So Happy Couponing! Dont forget to plan out your meals based on all the great sales you see. 

oh and seriously you can ask me anything below, I am here to help!

Video as promised: