Now I know there are a lot of variables to everyone's schedule...But I am going to safely assume that if you woke up one hour before you have any prior commitments (work, getting the kids ready for school, etc.), you will see a huge difference in your productivity. 


I now wake up an hour before everyone in my house. That may seem like a really small thing, but it has helped in HUGE ways. First off, it is a moment to yourself to collect your thoughts for the day. My normal routine before, was waking up to a talking toddler or crying baby, not even giving me a chance to form my own thoughts for the day. Waking up to silence equals clarity for the day!


Second, I get an opportunity to WRITE a plan for my day to keep myself accountable. It is all so simple when it is written down, takes out all the guess work for your day. Lastly, I get a moment to do WHATEVER I please. I usually spend the time working out for 30 minutes..which we all know the benefits to starting your day with a work out! I may also start on a blog post or topic idea. It is a lot easier when you are alone with your thoughts!


I know that you may already feel tired and think I sound crazy to tell you to add another hour. But let's face it, you could go to bed an hour earlier to make up for the hour. If you are anything like me, you waste an hour of sleep every night playing Candy Crush (yes, I still play it!!). So there is your hour! 


So I was super pumped to share that with you guys. I know it seems like a small thing, but the benefits are major. I know as a busy wife and mom it can seem hard to find time for yourself. That is why you need to MAKE time. I hope I inspired you to find an hour of your day that you can add in, for just YOURself! Oh, and make it productive!


I broke down additional tips in this video: "How To Have The Most Productive Day"



What are some ways you have been able to max out a day?

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