How To Use Squarespace To Run Your Digital Biz- One of the things I love most about squarespace is the different ways you can use to platform to create, maintain, and sale your digital products. Click to read the different ways I use Squaresapce

As I look back on last year, I realize there was one constant: Squarespace! I also realized that in my adult "working" career, last year was the most money I ever made in the span of one year. The most amazing part is that it was with my own business! At the center of my own business is this amazing platfrom: Squarespace.

Without the platform that wouldn't have been possible. I mean that even beyond just having my site on the platform. I used Squarespace to host my free class, sell my digital products, and even offer website building for other entrepreneurs strictly using Squarespace. 

For that very reason, I am passionate about sharing how other digital product creators can use Squarespace in the same way. So let's go over some of the ways you can use your existing Squarespace site. I will also let you know about my upcoming class that will show you how to do each of these items! 


You can't escape all the information online about growing your email list. In the online space it is preached over and over again that the money is in the list. I love to use Squarespace to host my sign up pages and grow my email list. 

If you create a new "cover page" in your Squarespace account, it will act as a sign up page. It will replace the need for a Leadpages account, or another software that make it easy for people to sign up on your email list. While Squarespace has an easy setup for those using Mailchimp, you have the ability to use any CRM software that provides a URL for the new list of subscribers you created. It will work seamlessly in creating new leads on your email list.

You will find easy to use this feature in Squarespace over and over again to deliver your lead magnets and other digital funnel methods.  


In order to sell all your awesome products and services, you often have to create a sales page. There are so many different technologies and platforms that allow you to create beautiful sales pages. But it is much easier to keep everything in one place. This allows traffic numbers for your site to increase. It also allows the user to learn more about you after they have browsed your sales page. This may be the piece to help them make the final decision about opting into your product or service. 

If you want to go even further than the norm, you can create a whole squarespace account and site devoted to your course and host your sales page here. 

The possibilities are endless for your sales page on Squarespace with a little bit of creativity!


One of my favorite ways to use my Squarespace site is to host my courses. While I have nothing against all the platforms like teachable, teachery, and so many others, I don't see the overall advantage in using these softwares. With each sale you have to give them a portion of the sale or you have to give them a monthly fee for using their site. This cost can be justified by a course creator that makes thousands every month. But if you are just starting out, you want to keep expenses low! (heck you want to do that for the life of your business if you can)! Squarespace allows you to start the process of selling to your customer, checkout in your very own store, and then direct them to your digital product right on your site! This is a no-brainer for a solopreneur, or digital product creator. 

And let's not forget you want to keep as much of the sell as you can in the bank!


One of the first ways I learned to stretch my Squarespace site, was hosting a webinar.  I had to find a way quickly after leadpages no longer allowed google hangouts to link into the live web pages. So then the lightbulb went off, and I realized I can do the very same thing on my website. Again, a no-brainer!

One it allows me to keep all my traffic on my site. Two I can use the same page over and over again to host my different live classes/webinars. After I made this discovery, I haven't looked back on using Squarespace to handle most of my digital biz needs.

If you want to learn how to set up your webinar on your squarespace site, click the button below to get your video instructions: 

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