Which Logo Made The Cut: Sometimes as creatives we don't get to share the items that didn't quite make the cut. I wanted to show the evolution of this logo and show behind the scenes. This is in hopes that you gather inspiration for your own logo.

One of my favorite things to share is the logos that made the final cut and those that didn't make it to the end. The logos that aren't chosen, get lost and never get to shine behind the client sample page! 

The logo I am sharing today is a client favorite. Whenever I ask new clients to send inspiration for their personal logo, they always send this particular logo as inspiration. 

So let's get into those that didn't make the cut, and then I will share the final logo selection!

The Final Selection:

The final selection had a color change. She wanted more of a navy color for the word "collective". I matched that up with a darker gray for "the". The final logo didn't veer much from the first concepts. I love when a logo comes together so well and so naturally! 


When building your logo, have a solid foundation on your brand elements. What are figurative concepts you want to include in your logo? What color scheme will reflect the mood of your overall brand?

She knew the mood she wanted her logo to evoke. She also knew that she wanted to incorporate the moon, and a flower blooming like her name.  Take these things into consideration when building your logo!