Client Files: Website For blog post shows the behind the scene of creating a website for a client at missbfab designs. Do you have any questions about the design process, click to read through and get some answers!

It is always fun to go behind the scenes and unveil a new client's completed project. On display this week is Akeila is the queen of multitasking with style. She is a wife, mom, engineer, and mary kay consultant! 

It was so much fun working on her site. I was able to see her vision from the very beginning. Akeila knew that she wanted to incorporate the "Bee" in her branding because the symbol represents Mary Kay. So we found fun ways to play on the "Bee" in her design and her name.

Throughout the process of creating her website, she was able to have a photoshoot done to really give the site a nice look. Photography is key to making a site pop!

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