Adding Social Media Links In Squarespace- This blog post is for bloggers and online creative entrepreneurs using squarespace for there business. The blog post includes a video tutorial on adding social media links inside of your blog post. Click through to read and watch how!

Thanks to a reader of the site Nharv, I added this video to tutorial to show you how to add social media links inside a blog post. This question is great because someone may land on your blog from an outside source. If they are a first time visitor and they enjoy your post, they are more likely to follow you on social media before handing over their email address. If you are consistent on your social media platforms that allows you to  build a relationship with them on social media. This is something that getting on your email address may not provide. Or they will leave your site and not return because people have a short attention span & busy lives. 

So thank you for that great question, and now to the actually video below! 

What are some additional things you need to know about your lovely squarespace site? Please any questions below or share any cool tricks you know about squarespace!