How To Get Over The Fear Of Launching Your Product Or Serve- This blog post is for online entrepreneurs and creatives who need to get over the excuses of launching and learning that experience is the best teacher! Click through to read how to launch now!

So you know that old saying that experience is the best teacher. Man is that so true. And in business it gives you the best lessons.

If you are new in business or even evolving in business a lot of times we think we need to gain all this knowledge from reading and listening. But what happens when you do that, is you have all the answers but no application. You don't have real experience to back it up with. You have no idea if you need to send a 100 emails to your list or 10 emails to your list, because you haven't done a thing! Going off what someone tells you helps. It may even lead you in the right direction, but it is nothing like going through it for yourself.

Which is a little awkward for me to say since I'm giving you advice, but just stay with me....


I started my website back in September of 2015. So from that point up and until now I knew I wanted to help people with  digital information products. But instead of starting right out the gate, I wanted to learn more and get my feet wet. The problem with just tipping toeing around is that you will never get accurate data.

With any new venture there is a learning curve, and market research. So definitely don't skip those things. Just know that you may need to jump before you are fully ready or have all "the answers". The answers for how you should launch a digital product for your particular business, will not come until your particular business launches something! 

Let the excuses go and just move forward!


So I have a million reasons why I haven't done a real launch before the month of June. One of those big reasons is my young children. Those are valid concerns, but the truth is that I was afraid. I thought if I launched "Brand Your Space" and no one signs up, what will I do? I had a prior experience when I launched a product in February. I didn't have anyone to take me up on the offer in February. What I realized from that experience, is that I will live and life does go on. The thing also about that launch is that I didn't go all the way until the end of the launch. Once I saw early on that people weren't signing up, I just stopped mention the course. That was a big mistake! Most of your sign ups will happen at the last minute!

So I put on my big girl panties and decided that I would launch "Brand Your Space" no matter what, even with my kids (and out of school for the summer at that), with a small audience (300 people on my email list), and with little experience. 

Let me tell you, the best decision ever! 

I didn't do a lot of the traditional things you do when you launch, and that was the beautiful part about it. I had to do what fit into my life as a stay at home mom with small children!

So here is what I did, do:

I made a freebie with the 9 must haves for your squarespace site. This was to gauge interest in the topic.

For almost a month I went on periscope everyday to give tips on all things websites and websites on sqaurespace.

I sent out 3 different emails during the launch

I "launched" full out for 2 weeks

What I never did:

I didn't do a webinar. For many reasons: 1. because the cost of the workshop was so low $77 & because to make a webinar of quality would be very time consuming. I had to focus the little time I had on promo, my periscope broadcasts, and creating the material for the workshop.



So the results

I only had a few people take me up on my offer and joined the workshop Brand Your Space. But it didn't matter. The Friday before the workshop on Saturday was the greatest feeling. I felt thankful for the ability to launch something, and made a great connection with my audience. 

On Saturday before I presented the workshop, it was even greater joy that I was able to teach something I loved to do + had experience in. I was in the comfort of my own home teaching others valuable skills. It felt amazing no matter the number of people I got to teach. 

After the Saturday and Sunday session everything was sooooo clear. I never had so much clarity in my business until that point. The most amazing thing happened too, all my work for the past few months started to pile up on each other (in a good way). The following week because of my high visibility during the launch (and for months prior) I connected with several business owners for potential collaborations! 

Not only did that happen just hours after the launch was over, I now have an asset to my brand. I have built a workshop that I can sale a million times over. The hard work is out of the way and now I can share with the world what I created.

The thing I realized most about launching before I was ready, or before I finished the workshop ( pre-sold) is that without that one first sale I would have never made the workshop. I would have just had this idea in my head and never did anything with it. Which is what most of do. We know our abilities, and potential, but we are too fearful to put ourselves out there. I can tell you the rewards are greater than the disappointments. If you have a product or service you want to launch, don't toy with the idea, actual put it out there! Show people how awesome what you have to give and let them come in the fold. The number of sales maybe low to start with, but over time people will start to realize your genius. Launching a product is what builds an audience and makes you an expert and not the other way around! 

Trust me it will be worth it!

Here a video that goes into the launch from a Periscope broadcast (15:00):

Can you share with us any fear you have about launching? Or maybe how you were able to get past your fear and excuses to launch?