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It can be hard to figure out where to start with blogging. But I promise you it worth it to start a blog, especially if you want to gain an audience for your potential business. It doesn't have to be as overwhelming as it seems. If you want to start a business and you have some doubt around what will be profitable, blogging can help you find your way. You are able to test ideas with one simple blog post. You can share that blog post and see if anyone even cares about the topic you are testing. Once you start to get a few blog post under you belt, things will become clearer and clearer on what product or service you can offer to your budding audience.

But before we get there, let's talk about how you get this all started:





This is the step that seems to be hard for a lot of people. They don't know what they are good at, or they don't know what they are "passionate" about. Well it is right under your nose, you just have to come to terms with who you are. You can't think of your business in terms of what is working for those you see around you. You have to be honest about your skill set, and your own personal interest. Maybe you like to skateboard while scarfing down green smoothies. (I'm not sure how those things go together, but that may be your interest). From sharing those interest you may find a band of other skateboarding green juice drinkers. Then eventually you start selling skateboarding tricks and combining green juice recipes. If you find that you have a group of people really invested in your content.

So it really does start with focusing on how your unique skills and passion can make a profitable business. Starting your blog is a strategic way to get started with your business. You can test out different topics simply by making it a detailed blog post, and see how people respond. Writing about different topics allows you to see what sticks, especially if you are confused about a niche or focus for your business.

A great resource for finding your niche is business is this video:

Use Mariah Coz video on finding your niche

Outside of a having a passion for something you want to be skilled in it.

For example what I discussed above about the skateboarding juicer: you need to be skilled as a skateboarder and a juicer to share with other how to combine the two. If you are just learning as you go, you can be transparent with that. You don't need to start off your business with untruths. So, you would brand this as a journey to becoming a skate boarding juicer. 

If you already have knowledge in your passion and have taught in this area before that is even better. You just need to bring that experience to your site. Get feedback from people you already taught in this area to use on your site. If you have testimonial from real people about a prior experience with you, that will help your site stand out even more!




What person is going to care about your website? Who are you building this information for? When you build an online blog for business, you can't just focus on talking about your life. You have to provide information that will lead into a potential service or product that you are interested in providing. If you wanted to start selling juicing plans or skate board tricks you wouldn't want your website to focus on your pets, or how to train a dog. You want all your content to fit within  your potential paid products. You want to take the audience on a journey to your paid offers. 



Although many take this step lightly, it is important to give your name a lot of thought. For one you want something that will go with your brand. You want something that is easy for people to remember. You also want something that is available across the major social media platforms.  

When you are picking your name you also have to be mindful of the visuals. How will your name translate into a logo. You don't want some long name that won't look right as a logo. So the simpler your name, the better, for a number of reasons. Remember that your name and logo is sometimes the first thing a person views on your website and social media profiles. You want something that is eye catching. If you need a logo made for your business, you can have one custom made by missbfab.

If you feel confused about your branding from the start or you are multi-passionate, don't pick a specific name for your company: like the Unless you are totally sure that is the only thing you will talk about. Your vision for your company may expand and you don't want to be boxed in. It is okay to brand your business under your name. For example, the name Missbfab isn't new, back in 2008 missbfab was an online jewelry company. Now missbfab is a new service and product to help female entrepreneurs online. Because the name isn't specific I was able to pick back up using the name and keep the steam I grew with the jewelry company.



There are tons of platforms to build your blog on. There is wordpress, squarespace, wix, weebly, and many more. My favorite of them of all is squarespace. Squarespace has an easy blogging platform, especially for a beginner. There is also a lot of ease when designing on squarespace. You have to ability to also have a store on squarespace to sale your products and services. Because you have to be mindful of the customer or audience experience on your site, you want something to easy for them to navigate. You want them to come back over and over, and if you have a good customer experience that is more likely. Squarespace offers that with all their themes, and they are constantly changing their platform to offer more and more for your website design. If you want to get started on squarespace, I have the perfect workshop that will take you throughout the whole website set up from beginning to end called "Brand Your Space" >>>CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE<<<



In order to further develop your interest with your audience, you will have to keep in contact. One of the best ways is to send emails. I send out emails to my email list weekly (given that I have content to share). There are many email marketing providers. I use convert kit >>>YOU CAN LEARN MORE ABOUT IT HERE<<< in order to send emails to my email list.

You will also want to purchase your own name for your email to send mass emails. For instance if your site is You will want to secure to receive and send emails to your audience. Email services like gmail and yahoo are cracking down on people sending mass emails to others using their free accounts. Plus people will take you a lot more serious if you have an email address for your company. I purchased my email address for my domain through godaddy. 



After you decide what format you will use to blog and keep in touch with your audience, you need a way to draw them in. It is not enough to just have your site up. You need  high value content to offer to entice people to give you their email address. You also want to establish a relationship with your audience. You want them to know you are the go to person for skate boarding tricks and juicing recipes. That way when you come out with your product or service you and your product won't seem so foreign to your audience. They will see the direct correlation between your free value-packed information and your paid offer. Also having a "lead magnet" , like your blog, will allow you to test out ideas. You can see what people bite at when you offer them a free video, or free workbook.

For instance do you get more downloads when you talk about skating tricks off the mountain or when you talk about skating tricks at the park. It helps you understand what your audience is interested in. It will also determine if they like emails about the subject or gravitate more towards videos on the same subject. So be ready to experiment with your offers to find the best mix between what you are good at (ie videos, live broadcast, podcast) and what your audience enjoys most!



Last, but not least is getting the word out about your site! This is the fun part, and really vital. I recommend choosing 1 or 2 social media platform to focus your marketing on. Sometimes it is better to go deep, than wide. One of my favorite social media platforms is Instagram. Instagram is great for a creative entrepreneur who likes the visual art of their business. I have made some great connections and collaborations just through Instagram. I got my first paid website client off Instagram! So that should tell you a lot about my love for the platform. I go into even more detail in my ebook "The ABC's of Branding on a Budget >>>CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE<<<  on how to build a brand around your website using social media. 

There are several options: Instagram, Periscope, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Even Snapchat is growing rapidly in the online marketing world. You just have to decide what best fits your personality + where your audience hangs out most. Whatever you decide to use, consistency will be the key to all of them. You have to show up everyday! This is now your job to connect with your audience and keep that relationship going. Your job doesn't just end when you publish a blog post. The value you provide has to stretch over into your social media marketing. Your relationship with your audience will be give, give, give, then ask. Prepare to have a lot of awesome giving, to make for some awesome receiving. 

And before I go, I want to leave you with these great words of wisdom about starting your business: Don't Sell To Broke People via Russell Brunson. Just some food for thought as you start your journey into blogging for business.

I would love to hear what challenges you have experienced with blogging for business? Place them below so that we can all learn from one another!




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