What You Can Learn About Confidence From A Child- This blog post is from female entrepreneurs struggling to find the confidence their business needs to success. It is amazing what you can learn through a child's mind. Click to read how my child taught me an important lesson on confidence

In order to start and sustain a business you have to pour continuously into your confidence. As I shot my daughter the other day she amazed with her level of confidence and comfort in front of camera. Because I try to find lessons in everything (especially how they relate to people and business) I begin to think how this can help those around me!



She has that child like innocence of loving herself, not thinking of all the other variables as she stands in front of the camera. She isn't thinking how we will take the picture on the other end once it is exposed. Or if her picture will send the right "marketing" message. She truly wants to capture herself in that moment.

She danced and danced in front of the camera. Because of it we had several great shots of just her personality and freedom within herself. I know so many of us (myself included) don't like being behind the camera. We go in thinking a certain thing has to come out on the other side. Instead of thinking how can I best show who I am across the camera! The more real and authentic you can show up on camera only furthers your cause. It immediately lets people "get you" because they actually see "you".


When you start a business you are opening yourself up to so many opportunities. But if you close yourself off based on your lack of confidence, you limit the places you and your business will go. Fear will always rear its head, but you still have a choice to move forward. You need to choose against limiting beliefs. You need to work from a place of abundance, and not lack. Think of all the things you do know, and all the things you do have. Instead of the opposite, because you will operate from a place of lack.


Take opportunities to develop your confidence:

  • Reach out and network with influencers via email (in person)
  • Find someone in the same stage of business as you, and form an alliance, or help to give you that push when your confidence starts to drop
  • Don't let your brain tell you things about yourself that are not true (sometimes we give our thoughts to much credit. The brain is a muscle it will keep working regardless of the truth.)
  • Don't stop taking steps to building a business that matches your desire. Take a step daily, even if it is a small step
  • Realize that going in business will expose so many facets of your personality, and you have to be okay with that. You have to embrace that! 
  • You got this!