Client Files: A Logo Design- The post is to peel back the layers for bloggers, creatives, and entrepreneurs to see the process behind creating a custom logo. Read through to see which logo we decided on!

I think it is always fun to peel back the layers and let you guys get a look behind the scenes, even in the design process. Missfab has a growing community of women who ready to start their own online business, and want the visuals to match their drive. That is where our services for logo creation and website development come in! 

I wanted to give you a taste of a logo created for Sherrima. Sherrima is still in the process of having her website built. She is taking the "Brand Your Space" Workshop this weekend. Prior to taking the workshop she wanted to have her logo created. She tried to create a logo on her own, and just became frustrated with the process of creating what she envisioned in her mind. I was glad to bring her vision to life!

So let's check out a few of the options I created for her, and then I'll reveal her choice!

Option One:

Option Two:

Option Three:

Option Four:


What I love about the design process, is how things develop. From these choices (among many) she wanted to see options two with a lighter mint green. She also liked option three but wanted to know if the font could be less bold.

So here are the re-dos:

So we were able to wow Sherrima with these two logos. She decided that she would wait for her site creation to decide between the two logos. I couldn't be happier that she was satisfied with not one option, but two! 

Which was your favorite logo option?