As a business owner you lots on your plate and Instagram photos can just seem like one more task. With this blog post I break down how cropping and  using photo effects make it easy to take Instagram photos & even repurpose pictures you didn't think you could use! Click to read more!

You can watch the video below to learn the ways I maximize my photos for Instagram. I know it can be time consuming to snap photos and deciding what to post. 

As stated in the video, I love to use the cropping tool to make a picture even better. The difference with cropping is amazing. Look at these two images side by side. 

The first photo is the original which doesn't look so great. If I take a look at the picture I see that there is a little bit more going on. The facial expression is great, and I know that it is one I can use to tell a story. So play with the pictures you take and see if you crop the image or turn it upside down do get something you can work with! 



My ultimate favorite tool is the light box. I got the idea to make the light box from Abagail and Emylee of Think Creative Collective. You can read all about  >>here<< making this box for under $7 bucks! Which you know I am all about price friendly items. So look at one of my favorite pictures I was able to make with the light box.

The trick to this photo is the light box + cropping which we already talked about + editing with the VSCO app.

I want to also note that all these pictures were taken with my cell phone. Expensive digital cameras have there place, but don't let that stop you for taking pictures. I know we can't all afford those type of tools when we are just starting out. That doesn't mean you can maximize what you already have!

What is your favorite tools for Instagram?