How To Repackage Your Live Broadcast Into A Passive Income Product- This blog is for content creators who use facebook live, periscope, and youtube live to create content. This will show you how to turn that free material into a product for your site! Click to read more!

As content creator, you may struggle with the line between free and paid. You not sure how much you share or what should be free or what should be a paid product. I want to share with you a method that marries the two. This method takes your free content to another level!

The way things are moving for online entrepreneurs, live is a must for your marketing plan. The issue for most people will be the amount of time you spend building content, that may or may not lead to sales for your business. Going live on a regular basis takes energy and a great amount of content.

What I suggest is that you take your free content to a new level! You will start to offer class through perisocpe, facebook live, and youtube live that you would normally charge for. This isn't something you have to do every time you go live.  During these special broadcast, you offer teachings through your free live broadcast, but only for those that show up live. This increases engagement, and on the spot connections when your audience shows up live.I will warn you that you must have an audience to start this method. It doesn't have to be large audience, but atleast a few people who show up to your broadcast regularly. You want to give them an opportunity to purchase something that would be useful to them.



  • You prepare content that is super valuable to your audience, information you would normally prepare for paid content. You want to prepare a very detailed live broadcast
  • You let your audience know the topic (and it should be something they are interested in learning and would paid to know). You can let them know via social media when you will go live and that there will be no replay available
  • You give this information live and really give your best stuff during the broadcast
  • Take the video down from public views after the broadcast is over
  • You take the broadcast and upload it to video hosting service, like youtube or vimeo
  • You package the video with additional resources like a mini workbook, another video you already have to matches the topic, anything that will help your customers
  • You place this on your squarespace shop, and woolah you have a passive income product.
  • This whole method + the tech step in squarespace is available on "Repurpose Your Live Broadcast"

The beauty of this method is giving valuable information to your audience to thank them for their support. The are able to get a peek into your style of teaching. They walk away with a peek into what working one on one with you is like. They will also become testimonials for the live broadcast and the value you provided during the broadcast. You can use their feedback to place within your shop on your site. People love to have reviews of products before they make a final decision on a purchase. Then also note, that if the information captured your live viewers attention they may also purchase the product once you repackage it. 

After this method you have a passive income product on your site for later purchase. Typically this product price range can go from $7-$47 depending on the content. When new people come to your site, they are more likely to purchase a product at this cost before jumping into your high cost products. To keep your business running you want to have products at different tiers.


Just this past weekend I did this very method we discussed on a live youtube broadcast. Here is the feedback I received from the live class:

chrissy: Thanks Brittany...I purchased the i'm ready to make more money and save some money

anon3479: this was so helpful now I have no excuse

chrissy: this helped me with the pieces I was this was good

sherrima: love it!!

anon3479: so helpful!

anon3479: this was great!

anon5654: Yes, this was great



What made the broadcast so great is the light bulbs that went off for all that attended. Directly after class yesterday we had 4 people go live to make content they can repurpose. Then get this, one person made a sale last night from the method we discussed in class!



Being able to go live and make sales is amazing. But being able to go live and inspire others into action is even more AMAZING! What is the point of being in business in no one takes action from your teaching. 

Not only did I get to teach things I love to help those in my great tribe for free, I was able to create a passive income product for my business can really help people!

So if you haven't gotten your copy of "Repurpose Your Live Broadcast" make sure you do yourself a favor and get your copy. Stop with the excuses about why you can't go live and how you don't have anything to sale. You can go live and YOU DO have something you can sale.