I wanted to share with you the latest project for I created a logo and blog post graphic for Dedra Shores, she is an idea stylist & craft analyst. What I love most about Dedra is her diligence. Even when things take longer than expected in developing her business, she doesn't give up. She is strategically gathering all the pieces to ensure success for her business. 

Dedra is very visual herself, and has knowledge of using professional design software, she was just ready for another eye. She wanted to finish the look she had been toying with for a few months. I love that Dedra finally said enough is enough, I have to get this done. Even if that means hiring someone (for a job I can do myself). As business owners, we put too much weight on feeling like we can do it all. 

Dedra made the design process easy, because of the work she did prior. She had her exact colors with the hex numbers. She had a pinterest board with images that caught her attention. So I really just came in and brought everything together.

So we started with the logo. Here are a few sample logos I sent her before she decided on the "one":

Final Decision:

Dedra also wanted a blog post graphic that would match her new branding. Although Dedra is very tech savvy, she wanted help getting the right look. Sometimes when you do things on your own you will analysis them to death. At times we have to hand over the project to a person who specializes in design to make the final decision for our brand. 

Now Dedra can use this same graphic over and over again, when she goes to make a new blog post for her site. She has the ability to keep this back ground picture the same for every blog post and just changing the title. Or she can change both items to fit the look for the new blog post.


Blog Post Graphic:


Design doesn't have to be overwhelming. You just need a process to your design, just like everything else in your business. Hiring someone to help you get your "signature" look could be all the help you need!


This is how everything came together: