I was right there with you! I didn't understand how to manage my money. I didn't realize the true power I had when it came to my own money. My family and I spent each month stretched to the max! Never feeling like we could get ahead. Just feeling like building "wealth" was for the rich and everybody with an endless pot of money! Not for someone like me, a stay at home mom of 3. There was no way I could make my money work for me, or even having any leftover at the end of the month!

It can be hard trying to get out of debt and start building wealth!

That was until I got seriously fed up and I realized I had to do better with my funds! I couldn't rely on the dream that money would come falling out of the sky one day and instantly solve all my money problems. I had to be the captain of my own ship!

So the steps I decided to take, changed everything for my family and I. We got a real system to manage our money, as simple as that sounds, and it worked. It worked so well that within two years we have been able to pay off $90k in debt & still climbing! In those two years I learned so much about money, but more importantly about what matters in life! 

Because of the that journey to financial freedom and mindset shift, I now teach other women to create their own version of financial freedom. With the freedom you create within your finances you leave room to create a business and life you love! So let's craft one together!


Hey there, I'm Brittany Butler, aka Missbfab, a Visual Wealth Manager. I'm a wife and mother of three I do everything with a touch of love and a dose of fabulousity. From expertly managing my family's finances to pretty and profitable brands for business owners, Missbfab is noted for helping her family get out of more than $90,000 worth of debt in two years. My system for eliminating debt and financial stress has supported aspiring budgetnistas and entrepreneurs as they learn how to take control of their finances in their home and business- and not scrimp on fabulousness in the process. Let's work to create your unique path to wealth!